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Anchor Rod

Guy wire anchor rod feature:

1. Breaking Load test: 62kn for 1 min
2. Hot-dip galvanized strictly according to ASTM-123
3. Uniform and reasonable packing
4. Size Accuracy 0.1mm.
5. Direct From Factory, Save 30%–50% Cost

The guy wire anchor rod with square nut is manufactured in hot-dip galvanized steel. The raw material steel is selected according to AISI-SAE 1018 or 1020. The carbon is not lower than 0.13% according to ASTM A36M. Zinc coating of 80 um, according to ASTM A-153.  The head of the guy wire anchor rod will be forged in one single piece with a single eye, twin-eye, or trip eye as attached drawings.The other side rod is with 8cm to 10cm thread length according to UNC. The UNC required 10thread per inch.

The heavy-duty square nut which assembled on the guy wire anchor rod is of galvanized steel with a minimum coating of 53 um, according to class C of ASTM A153. The square nut thread is made before galvanization.


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The anchor rod is an important component for utility and telephone poles, it is also called guy anchor rod, guy wire anchor rod, thimble rod, or thimble eye anchor rod.

One end of a guy anchor rod is connected to a stay wire by a guy clamp, and the other end is fixed to types of earth anchors that buried under the ground. This design is to make the line pole fixed on the ground firmly by the guy wire anchor up pull strength.

According to the design, there are rods for cross-plate anchors and expanding anchors, rods for manta ray anchors, no-wrench anchors, and rock anchors.

The anchor rods are dropped forged to single, double, or three-strand eyes. The alternative anchor rods are furnished with oval eyes together with an equivalent number of wire strand thimbles. All thimbles size accommodates the size of the stay wire strand.

The anchor rod has a strong and durable physical property to withstand storms and disasters. To ensure the safety and steady of the pole line, it’s important to use a high-quality anchor rod to install the overhead power lines.

Part of the anchor rod that easily get rusty is 30cm to the ground and 50cm under the ground. Considering it easily gets rusty to bury the anchor rod under the ground, the diameter is usually 2-4mm bigger.


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