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Pole Band

A pole band is designed to suitable for use on poles of pole top diameter 150mm to 280mm. We have supplied a diameter of 155mm, 185mm, 230mm, and so on.

The pole band has a stay tension strength not exceeding 29kn. While the result will be different if a gain grid or some other device is used to transfer the shear load from the pole bolt.


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The pole band is used to wrap on the pole, it is also named pole fastener, pole fastening clamp, pole band clamp, pole bracket. According to the structure, the pole band includes single offset pole band and double offset pole band.

According to the application, there are utility pole bands, telephone pole brackets, and cable pole band. Pole fastening clamps can be used with guy wires. The cable pole band can be commonly used to connect the ADSS and OPGW cable. There is an extended leg on one piece of pole bands. The hole on the extended leg will connect the ZH clevis, U clevis.


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