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Hydraulic Cable Cutter

The cutting tools feature an advancing speed setting automatically switching from a fast advancing speed of cable cutting blades to a slower cutting speed – tools are provided with a maximum pressure valve (MPC1 manometer is available upon request to check the proper setting of the valve).

Cutting Cables Carefully
  • Always read the instruction manual before using the tool
  • Keep hands clear of cutting blades at all times
  • Do not cut steel – for steel cutting applications contact us
  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves when operating this tool
  • Before starting cutting cables ensure that the latch is fully secured – partial closure may damage the cutting tool head
  • Clean the tool daily after use with a clean cloth to remove any residue including dust, sand or dirt
  • Do not attempt to turn the tool head if the hydraulic circuit is pressurised
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Hydraulic cutting tools achieve a smooth, straight cable cut including armored and lead sheathed cables without damaging or deforming the copper or aluminum conductor prior to jointing or terminating cables.


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