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Pole Top Pin

The pole top pin is made from hot new rolled steel. The steel will heat to red and punched to the designed shape. The finish of the pole top pin is hot dip galvanized which is reasonably smooth and free of burrs or other sharp projections.


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It is used with pin insulators on 11kv/33kv distribution lines, power transmission lines, overhead power lines.

The pole top pin slotted channel sections are mounted against the pole by 5/8-inch bolts. The design of the pole top pin is to allow easy removal for replacement of insulator units or fittings without the necessity to remove the insulator strings from the cross arms. The pole top pin has the length of 18’’ and 20’’, with 1’’or 1-3/8’’ lead thread. The straight base design has two mounting holes on the base.

Lead threads are made from a lead alloy of a grade and quality suitable to meet the strength and performance requirements of the ISO1461 standard. The pole top pin meet the strength minimum load of 680kg in transverse, and 540kg in longitudinal.


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