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Fibre Tester Kit

The rugged padded kit cases have a custom moulded interior, which provides good instrument protection whilst also being light and comfortable to carry in the field.

  • Complete Cleaning, Inspection and Test Kits
  • Simple Test Kits
  • Clean/Inspect Kit
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Fibre Tester kits provide optimised fibre optic test equipment kits for Telco, FTTx/FTTh, Utility, LAN, WAN, and industrial applications.

Typical test applications include single mode, multimode, PCS and POF fibre, with laser or LED sources, a wide choice of calibration wavelengths and interchangeable connector styles including SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, MPO, LSA/DIN, E2000, 2.5mm Universal, SMA, D4, HFBR, SMI, Toslink etc.


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