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Three Hole Fiber Stripper

—The use of temperature is -20 ° C ~ 50 °C
—Factory pre-set, no need to adjust this stripper again to prevent fiber scratch; cutting blade precision positioning, quenching and tempering treatment, anti-rust primer.
—if not use, set the blade lock in the closed state


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1, First hole to strip 2-3mm outer jacket insulation
2, Second hole to strip 250μm buffer coating to 125μm optical fiber
3, Third hole to strip the 125um glass fiber
4, All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerance to assure clean , smooth
5, Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles
6, Factory set, requires no adjustment
7, Prevents scratching or nicking of optical fiber
8, Lock to gold tool closed when it is not in use
9, Length:165mm
10, Weight:119g


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