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Precision V-Groove Fiber Alignment

Fiber Aligner is a precise V-slot fiber aligner. It is used to loss in OTDR testing and the temporary interface between fibers. It has a light source and power meter-based loss measurement and bare fiber reel testing for confirming transmission capability


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Fiber Types: Single Fibers 0.25mm to 0.9mm coating diameter
0.125 clad diameter
– Average Loss: SM fiber:0.5dB
– Precision V-groove for easy cleaning
– Applicable Fibers: SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS optical fibers
– Cleaver Length: 10mm
– Light weight and small diamensions

– Operation(step by step);
1. Stripping the fibers
2. Cleaning the fibers
3. Cleaving the fibers
4. Aligning the fibers in V groove


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