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Programmable Fiber Optic Polishing Machine

GTF-500P is the new model polishing machine with programmable software and PLC control system.

It presets 50 pairs of polishing parameters.
The polishing quality doesn’t excessively depend on operator’s experience and technology any more.
The new operators are easy to get quality polished end faces after using GTF-500P.


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  • Ø Designed for polishing high quality fiber optic patch cord.
  • Ø Built-in mass production and Rework modes.
  • Ø Use with high density polishing jig, and achieve high efficiently polishing.
  • Ø Preset 50 pairs of polishing parameters, and convenient for new operators learning.
  • Ø High quality control device and motor, provide strong power for polishing.
  • Ø Applicable to SC, FC, ST, E2000, LC, MU, MPO connectors or ferrules polishing.
  • Ø Easy to get quality end face and perfect geometry results ,Modular design for after-sale maintenance


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