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1.   Polishing procedure adopt mechanic button and Omron rotary relay. It makes the
methodology quality be more controllable.
2.  Polishing fixture adopt four coil pressure type. The pressure is controlled by the
four coils. It makes the product precision better and more consistent in quality.
3.  It can produce the geometric surface meet the IEC standard requirements.
4.  The polishing trails obey the planet orbit. Polishing rotation speed  is adjustable
with normally 80RPM.
5.  Use new I.P.C polishing fixture (every ceramic ferrule can be loadedindependently)
technology ensure the high qualified rate of production. The polishing results are
the same no matter polish one or 40pcs polishing connectors.
6.  Maximum polishing capacity reaches 40pcs for MU and LC connectors. And for
SC, FC, ST. it reaches 32pcs.
7.  The high quality stainless steel material after heat-treatment ensures  the high
precision & durability of the machine.



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