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OTDR Touch Screen

optical time domain reflectometer is a new generation of portable and intelligent measuring instrument designed for testing optical fiber communication system. Adopt 5.8 inch color touch screen, button/ touch dual operation; Internal integration of eight major functional modules, multi-functional integration to help customers effectively solve the field test and maintenance; The highest 45 dB dynamic range, can penetrate optical splitter, effective PON network testing; Intelligent power-saving management, 20 hours long standby, efficient protection of test dimension Continuous


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It is mainly used to measure the length, loss and connection quality of all kinds of optical fibers and cables, and can be widely used in engineering construction, line maintenance and testing, emergency repair, and the development and production of optical fibers and cables.


·High performance test

·Integrated5.8 inch color TFT LCD display,touch/ key dual operation

·Dynamic range:32/30dB

·Less than 0.8 meters ultra short event blind area, testing optical fiber jumper freely..

·Link optical nondestructive testing

·Signal optical detection function

(Effective protection of APD)

·Mutifunctional test – Standard configuration OTDR.

·Built in Stable Light Souce,1310/1550nm

·Built in Visual red light fault location (VFL)

·Built inOptical power meter (OPM)

·Mutifuntional test – high configuration Intelligent Optical Link Mapper [iOLM]

·Optical fiber end face detection

·Optical loss test Fault location·Convenient operation One key automatic test

· unique diagnostic function for test

·Multi wavelength simultaneous testing function Ethernet Remote control

·Convenient data processing English and Chinese input function Automatic data storage

·SOR Batch processing Remote upgrade function IOT Cloud Platform soon

·High reliability20h Super long standby

·1.5 meter drop test Waterproof and splash proof

·Operating temperature -10℃~50


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