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Optic Distribution Frame (ODF)

Optic Distribution Frame, available 12core, 24core, 48core, 96core, 144core


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The ODF (Optic  Distribution Frame) is a necessary part of the indoor optical distribution frame. 12 cores fusion splicing and distribution module plays the main role and its function is splicing, fiber storage and protection. A completed ODF unit will be with adapter, pigtail and accessories like splice protection sleeve, nylon tie, snake like tube, screw.

Technical data:

● Standard 19″ rack

● Capacity: 1-144fibers, 12fibers each module

● The fusion splicing and distribution module is with sliding and can be pulled out separately.

● Connector & adaptor types: FC, SC, LC, ST

● Polish of connector: SM Ultra polish

● Connector insertion loss <0.15dB

● Connector discrete reflectance: 55dB

● Pigtail qty: 12pcs/1.5m

● Number of puttings to Adapter: ≥200times

● Operation temperature: -10 ~ 70℃

● Material of the metal box: Steel plates and aluminum alloy

● Front and rear covers can be opened, it is convenient for fiber connecting, supervising and maintaining


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