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Fiber Optic Test and Cleaning Tool Kit

The test kits are inexpensive solutions for testing multimaode and single-mode
systems. By joining the mini optical power meter and the mini optical light source,
great kit for engineers or networks,LAN, and Gigabit Ethernet.


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Part                                # Description
GTF-503A                    Pocket Optical Power Meter
Singlemode 1310/ 1550nm Packet Optical Light Source
FLS                            Multimode 850/1300nm Packet Optical Light Source
VFL                            650nm Pocket Visual Fault Locator
GTF-400XA                 400X Hand Held Optical Inspection Scope
NTT                           Original NTT Optical Connector Cleaner
CS-125 50pcs              1.25mm Fibretool Optical Cleaning Sticks
CS-250 50pcs              2.5mm Fibretool Optical Cleaning Sticks
Accessory                    FC-SC and FC-ST adapter one each;Used Manual
Carry Case                   Rugged Carry Tool Case (385×275×110mm)


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