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Tension sets

1. Short span length 200m

2. Terminal pole tower, tension pole/tower,

3. Pole/tower with corner angles greater than 15°and RTS no more than 20kN

4. Suitable for city ADSS cable installation.


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1. Stress is distributed equally, without stress focus.

2. Easy installation and no tools required

3. Right-hand lay strand.

4. The grip strength is not less than 90% of rated pulling tension strength, completely satisfying the needs of setting up the cable.

5. All wires are chamfered at the ends

6. Inner lining of the harness: The inner surfaces of the preformed is coated with abrasive resin & oxide grit, which does not spoil the aluminum clad to increase friction between the wire and the harness

7. Number of rods of the harness (n): 4 <-n <-8


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